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Uni-Serve Air Conditioning Financing Options

Good Leap is a trusted financing partner for Uni-Serve Air Conditioning and Costco.


We have partnered with GoodLeap to offer flexible payment options for your project. GoodLeap uses a soft credit check until funding and the highest score from all 3 bureaus to see if you qualify. It also takes just a few minutes to get started.

Short Term Financing Options

Wisetack Financing

Financing Made Simple

Wisetack is a monthly payment option for the services you care about. Now you can invest in what matters most without surprises or unexpected late fees.

What You Can Expect

  • Fast and easy

    • Quick application, see your options within seconds

  • No hidden fees

    • No late fees, no prepayment fees, and no origination fees

  • Options for you

    • Choose the monthly payment amount that works best for you

Long Term Financing Options

Wells Fargo Financing

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. offers several special options for financing your new product or service with approved credit. That way, you can invest in your home's comfort or respond to an unexpected heating and cooling need without breaking your budget.

With approved credit from Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., you'll enjoy:

  • Convenient monthly payments

  • Special financing terms

  • Easy online account management


Plus, by taking advantage of financing, you won't use up your existing funding sources, like a home equity line of credit, other credit card or bank account. They will still be available when you need them.

Please contact us to find out which financing options are available to you, or to learn about special financing promotions.

Financing Your Large HVAC Purchase

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we offer multiple financing options so that you can replace your air conditioning system without a large one-time fee. We get it, most people are not saving their hard-earned money for a new AC system! Unfortunately, HVAC equipment has become very expensive. And we are always looking for options to help ease the burden of large expenses and spread the cost out over time.

There are multiple reasons why heating and air conditioning equipment has become so expensive. First of all, HVAC equipment and parts manufacturers are still recovering from the pandemic shutdowns throughout 2020 to 2022. Parts and components are made all around the world, and some places were affected more than others. Additionally, in the United States, the Department of Energy (DOE) has new regulations for equipment minimum efficiencies starting in 2023. These new regulations require HVAC manufacturers to improve on their designs and make the equipment better.

Lastly, we are all dealing with inflation. It seems like everything has increased in cost and everyone is blaming it on inflation. At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we have to deal with high gas prices, increasing insurance costs, rising parts and equipment costs, and much more just to operate as a business. And we are also people living in the Houston area just like you. So we experience the higher grocery costs and everything else just like you do. We’re not increasing our prices so that we can buy personal helicopters to make it to our Galveston beach homes during the summer!

With all that said, someone in the Greater Houston area can expect to pay anywhere between $9,500 and $25,000 for a new heating and air conditioning system. The size and efficiency of the system will determine where you are at in that range. For example, a minimum efficiency 1.5 ton system will be at the lower end of the cost spectrum whereas a variable speed, 5 ton system with a media filter and Wi-Fi thermostat will be at the higher end of the cost spectrum.

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