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About Uni-Serve Air Conditioning

Our mission is to love our neighbors in the Greater Houston area by providing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to maintain healthy and comfortable spaces.

Our Team at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning

Trustworthy. Relational. Air Conditioning.

The team at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is here to serve you and all of our neighbors in the Greater Houston area! 

Our Values

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Health and Safety

We always uphold the health and safety of ourselves and our customers.

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Tell the Truth

We always tell the truth, no matter how much it may hurt.

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Be Adaptable

We solve problems as they arise and adjust to the ever-changing industry.

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Build Relationships

We’re not just here to collect a paycheck. We’re here to be a part of a team and the communities we work in.

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We win together. We lose together.

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Get 'er Done!

We’re here to get things done and have some fun while we’re doing it!

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Details Matter

We will not cut corners. We strive for excellence in the little things.

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We do our best to be trustworthy, dependable, and competent in all that we do.

Why Values Matter to US

We know that your air conditioning system is one of the most important and most expensive items in your house. And when it’s not working, you’re not happy. No one likes being hot and sweaty in their own house! For those reasons, we want to get your AC fixed as quickly as possible so that you can be comfortable in your own home. Most people don’t want to think about their AC; they just want it to work. But in the case that your AC is not working, we will get it back up and running as soon as possible!

Additionally, we know that you care about who comes into your home. We care about who we send into your home! We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe with any Uni-Serve team member that enters your home. We make sure that our team members agree and uphold our company values. We are fortunate to work with some of the best and most talented people in the HVAC industry. Unfortunately, some air conditioning people and companies have gotten a bad reputation due to dishonest work, manipulation, and price gouging. At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we do not want to be associated with any of those things. We take our values very seriously, and you can hold us accountable to our values!

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we want to be a part of the communities that we work in. We are here to provide quality AC services and give back to the communities that we serve. That’s why we are known for helping those in need, sponsoring youth events, volunteering, and whatever else we can do to help. H-town is our home!

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