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American Standard WiFI Thermostat

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In Texas, air conditioning is a necessity – not just for comfort but for health! When it comes time to letting someone in your home to work on your air conditioning system, make sure you turn to an AC company that you can trust. Uni-Serve Air Conditioning provides AC and heating repair services for any residential and small commercial system. We can service and repair any and all brands of equipment. In addition to emergency repair services, we offer service agreements, or maintenance plans, to help keep HVAC systems up and running efficiently all year long.


When it comes to replacing existing HVAC equipment, we turn to two high quality options: American Standard® and Amana®.

American Standard® is owned by Trane Technologies®, a leader and household name for air conditioning equipment. Trane® and American Standard are essentially the exact same equipment. The branding and logo on the equipment is different, but the internal components are the same. The American Standard equipment has a slightly better price point, so we like offering American Standard.

Amana® is owned by Daikin®, one of the world’s best air conditioning companies. Also, Daikin North America is headquartered right here in the Greater Houston area. For that reason, Amana units and parts are readily available, and our neighbors are the ones building these units! Amana also offers a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor. So if your compressor goes out, they will replace the entire outside unit!


Uni-Serve Air Conditioning offers financing to help with large HVAC equipment purchases. We will work with you to find the right air conditioning system at the right price!


Uni-Serve Air Conditioning specializes in the replacement of old HVAC systems. We install new, high-efficient air conditioning and heating systems that provide optimal comfort while also saving energy! With electricity prices continuing to increase, now is the time to get an energy efficient air conditioning system installed! Uni-Serve Air Conditioning has strict HVAC installation standards so that your air conditioning systems operates as it is designed to. Unfortunately, most AC systems are installed incorrectly, which leads to inefficiencies and more system failures. Call us today for a free quote on replacing your old AC system!


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