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Air Conditioning and Heating System Repair

In the Greater Houston area, air conditioning is a necessity! At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, we strive to repair your HVAC system the same day you call in, if possible. We know that not having the air conditioning working properly adds unwanted stress and discomfort. That’s why we do everything we can to help our customers and keep HVAC systems operating as intended.

Our first goal is to repair or fix your existing system if it is possible. Air conditioning and heating equipment is designed to last about 12-15 years now. In the 80s and 90s you could possibly expect a 20-25 year lifespan, but unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. Some HVAC manufacturers even recommend to start thinking about replacement after 10 years. With all that said, we will be upfront and honest with you about what we can and cannot do when it comes to repairing your HVAC system. We do not want you to spend a lot of money on costly repairs just to have to turn around and replace it a couple months later. However, rest assured that if it can be repaired, we will fix it!

There are numerous reasons why an HVAC system will stop working or go out. Most system outages have to do with electrical issues. Electrical components are typically the first thing to go out on a system. An air conditioner may also stop working due to condensate drain lines being plugged. The Greater Houston area has a very humid environment, so our air conditioning systems are almost constantly removing moisture from the air. This creates condensate (water) that must drain from your system in the attic to your plumbing or to the outside. When the drain lines are clogged, plugged, backed up, or whatever other term you want to use, it can shut off the system. Hopefully it shuts off the system and doesn’t overflow onto your ceiling! Instead of calling a plumbing, you can call us at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning to clear out those drain lines.

Most of the calls we receive at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning during the busy season deal with minor electrical issues or drain lines. For systems that are older, there may be major component failures. This includes the blower motor in the attic, the condenser fan motor outside at the condensing unit, and the compressor in the condensing unit. There can also be issues with the air conditioning system being charged with refrigerant properly. Some people refer to the refrigerant as Freon, which is a brand of refrigerant. If a system is undercharged or overcharged, it will not operate as intended.

Be aware that an air conditioning system does not “use up” refrigerant. This is a common misconception we here often. Think of refrigerant more like the oil in your car and not the gas in your car. Your car uses gas to operate and should not use up the oil. The same can be said about your air conditioner. The refrigerant that is put in is not used up or released from the system unless there is a leak. In some cases there may be a minor leak where you have to add refrigerant every few years. However, if you are adding refrigerant to your system multiple times a year, there is likely a leak that needs to be addressed.

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning and Heating Service Areas

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is proud to provide the following neighborhoods and communities with air conditioning, heating, and AC equipment replacement and install services.

Air Conditioning Services

Heating Services

Cypress Heater Repair

Kingwood Heater Repair

Humble Heater Repair

Fairfield Heater Repair

Copperfield Heater Repair

Towne Lake Heater Repair

Bridgeland Heater Repair

Atascocita Heater Repair

Replacement Services

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