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AC Replacement in Humble, TX - Air Conditioning Installation Specialists

Replacing your air conditioning system is a big decision, and we want to help you get it right! At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, our main focus is helping you make the best decision for your situation. There are many options when it comes to HVAC systems today. There are minimum efficiency HVAC systems and there are super high efficiency HVAC systems. And there are numerous options when it comes to indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. You can go with typical wall filters, a media filter cabinet in the attic, ultraviolet (UV) light air purification, and much more.

We want to work with you to find the best solution when it comes to replacing your HVAC system and improving your indoor air quality (IAQ) in Humble. We can meet with you in your home, or you can simply text us the information. It depends on your schedule and what works best for you. Once we have all the details on your home and existing system(s), we can create a proposal for you.

We want to know what is important to you. Is it spending as little money as possible? Is it getting the most energy efficient HVAC system possible? Or do you want to find something in the middle? Also, do you have any allergies or air purification concerns? There are not any heavy sales pitches to get you to spend as much money as possible. Our goal is to provide you with an air conditioning system that meets your needs and works with your budget.

Additionally, since air conditioning systems are large purchases, we offer financing to help spread the cost out over several years. We offer several plans so that you can find the option that works best for you. You can apply for financing here.

Why Uni-Serve Air Conditioning to Replace your HVAC System in Humble?

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning specializes in the installation or replacement of HVAC systems in Humble. We have been in operation for over 40 years and have installed thousands of air conditioning systems all over the Greater Houston area. Our standards and procedures have been carefully developed to provide the best installation of your air conditioning system and reduce typical AC issues over the life of your system. We also take care of your home like our own during the installation process!


The current owner of Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas as well as a licensed Air Conditioning Contractor in the State of Texas. Before Uni-Serve, he spent many years designing HVAC systems for schools, office buildings, restaurants, and custom homes in the Greater Houston area. The same type of precision and attention to detail that went into million-dollar projects will also be given to the air conditioning system in your home!

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning HVAC Equipment Brands

At Uni-Serve Air Conditioning, our first priority is taking care of our customers. We never want to be in a situation where we are tied to a specific manufacturer and have to meet certain sales quotas. Our goal is to maintain good relationships with all HVAC equipment suppliers and get the best possible deals we can. That way we can provide very competitive prices in the marketplace and serve our neighbors well.

We are always evaluating the HVAC equipment available on the market. There are several things that we consider: quality, efficiency, price, warranty, reliability, availability, serviceability, support, and so on. Additionally, our technicians and installers at Uni-Serve Air Conditioning can work with any brand of HVAC equipment. This allows us to see what works well and what doesn’t work so well. It also allows us to pivot from one brand to another very quickly if there are dramatic price increases.

So what all this means to our customers is that when you choose Uni-Serve Air Conditioning to install a new HVAC system, you know that you will get a high quality product that is installed and serviced to the highest degree!

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning team at Humble City Hall
Uni-Serve Air Conditioning replaces AC systems in Humble

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning and Heating Service Areas

Uni-Serve Air Conditioning is proud to provide the following neighborhoods and communities with air conditioning, heating, and AC equipment replacement and install services.

Air Conditioning Services

Heating Services

Cypress Heater Repair

Kingwood Heater Repair

Humble Heater Repair

Fairfield Heater Repair

Copperfield Heater Repair

Towne Lake Heater Repair

Bridgeland Heater Repair

Atascocita Heater Repair

Replacement Services

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